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HOTEL: Holiday Inn On The Bay provides a hotel shuttle service from the airport. After arriving at the airport, go to Ground Transportation and walk outside to the curb. The shuttle is a green van with Holiday Inn On The Bay painted on the side. It comes around every half hour, at quarter past and quarter ‘til the hour. Please make sure you take the correct shuttle, as there is also a Holiday Inn Bayside, Holiday Inn Harbor View and Holiday Inn Mission Bay. If you would rather take a cab, the hotel is not more than 3 miles away. We live about 10 miles from the airport and pay an average of $10/trip.

If you have not made reservations, you will need to contact Kris or John. The original block of rooms at the discount rate has been released, though we held onto a couple just in case.

The price for hotel parking is $13/day. As we are providing transportation for all wedding activities, and the hotel provides an airport shuttle, guests may not need to rent cars during their stay. The hotel is close to most attractions as well as the San Diego Trolley line.

AIRFARE: Southwest was offering the $99 each way fare last month for travel before September 12, and other airlines lowered some of their prices as well, but now it seems prices have gone back up.

We have also found pretty good deals from USAir for guests flying from Pittsburgh, and for groups of at least 10 for the same USAir flights, an additional 10% discount is available.

Priceline has come through with some great deals, though remember you cannot specificy flight times.


US Airways

Email us with any questions you may have:

Kris or John

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