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CEREMONY: Our ceremony will take place around 6:30pm at Mount Soledad in La Jolla, where there is a small park overlooking La Jolla and the Pacific Ocean. We enjoy going to Mount Soledad to watch the sunset, or to take visitors for a better view of San Diego. We would like the ceremony to conclude just before sunset so we can have a champagne toast while everyone enjoys the spectacular view.

RECEPTION: A wine dinner reception will follow at Jaredís Harbor Island. If any of our guests is allergic to incredible pieces of filet, you may not want to risk going anywhere near this restaurant. We will also offer chicken and salmon entrees. Each course will be paired with an appropriate wine.

Due to the formal atmosphere of this restaurant, one of our favorites, we will provide dinner, entertainment and supervision for all guests under the age of 12 at the hotel.

We will provide transportation for all guests from the hotel to the ceremony and reception, and back to the hotel.


Photographer: We are very excited with our choice of photographer. Sandy Huffaker, Jr. is a photographer for the San Diego Reader, a weekly newspaper.

The Cake: We've finally found the perfect bakery to make our wedding cake! It is going to be delicious and gorgeous. Loree Luther of All In Good Taste will provide the very special finale to our day.

Email us with any questions you may have:

Kris or John

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